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New ISCA Module for Final Nov 10

July 29, 2010 4 comments

Institute has finally announced that its New ISCA module will be applicable in Final New Course Nov 10 attempt.

Check the official notification at

It reads as follows:

Revised study material on Final (New) Course, Group –II, Paper 6: Information Systems Control and Audit – (29-07-2010)

The study material of Final (New) Course, Group –II, Paper 6: Information Systems Control and Audit (ISCA) was revised and printed in March, 2010. Students are advised to go through this revised study material of ISCA which is applicable for Nov 2010 examination. The printed copy of the study material is available at the sales counter of the Decentralised Offices. For the facility of the students, the soft copy of this revised material is also available on the Institute’s website under BoS Knowledge Portal which can be downloaded free of cost. Print and view facility is also available.
Board of Studies

You can also download the soft copy of the module from the following link:


An Insight into IFRS 1 – First Time Adoption of IFRS

March 14, 2010 2 comments

We are happy to notice that article sent by one of our active cactus members has been published in The Chartered Accountant Student, March 2010 issue.

I’m attaching the PDF copy of the article for those who haven’t received their copies of CA Student yet.

click to read –> An Insight into IFRS 1 – First Time Adoption of IFRS

Presentation on AS-30,31 & 32

Recently CACTUS organised a 6 Hour seminar (open for all CA Final students) on recently introduced Accounting Standards 30,31 & 32 (Financial Instruments). The seminar was conducted by reknowned Central-India Faculty Sarthak Jain Sir.

We would like to share with all those who were not able to attend the seminar a comprehensive and self explanatory presentation covering all the basic concepts of the vast AS which are relevant from the view point of examination

Click here to download the material. AS 30_31_32 FORMATTED

PCC Nov 09 First Rank Holder

February 2, 2010 3 comments

Professional Competence Examination Results

ROLL Number



Rupali Gupta

Group I

Advanced Accounting


Auditing and Assurance


Law, Ethics and Communication






Group II

Cost Accounting & Financial Management




Information Technology and Strategic Management






Grand Total


Amended IT Act, 2008

January 21, 2010 3 comments

Friends.. There might be a sure shot question in the forthcoming exam…

The Information Technology Act 2000 is covered under Chapter 14 of Paper 6: MICS ( Final Old ) and Chapter 10 of Paper 6: Information Systems

This act was amended in the Year 2009. And keeping in mind the institute’s eternal inclination towards all the recent amendments I would say that we all should go through amendments made in the Act (since the changes are of significant importance too!).

I found a file over the internet in which all the amendments in the IT Act 2000 are highlighted specially.

You can download the same from this link: Download

Applicability of SAs in Nov’09 exam clarified

October 21, 2009 2 comments

“Student had been for long confused about the applicability of SAs or AAS in for their Auditing paper”

The Excel Sheet provided below an end to all confusion including answers to the following FAQs:
FAQ 1: Are students expected to remember the new SA numbers?
Answer – Yes. Further, while quoting the numbers in exams it is recommended to quote SA no. first and AAS numbers in the bracket Eg. “SA 500 Audit Evidence (AAS 5)”
FAQ 2: Is there a change in numbers only or the content has also been changed. If yes, are students expected to know the revised content and are there major differences?
Answer – Yes, there have been changes in the content of some but not all SAs as compared to the erstwhile AAS and students are expected to understand the mention the revised contents. However, in few SAs the changes are insignificant and some it is substantial. A details of such SAs is provided in the file attached.
FAQ 3: Are there any new SAs or else all SAs are in replacement of old AAS?
Answer: Yes, some new SAs have been introduced which are included in the syllabus of Nov 2009 exams. A details of such SAs is provided in the file attached.
For detailed notes on SAs with all revisions contact CACTUS
To download the file click the link:

List Of SAs to be refered for November 2009 Exams

October 14, 2009 7 comments

ICAI has published list of  SAs for  (PCC  & IPCC) \PE2\(Final New & Old Course)  for the purpose of November 2009 Exams.

It has also provided Detailed PDF files for all SAs for the purpose of reference.

For further Details visit the link below.

For detailed notes on SAs with all revisions contact CACTUS
To download the list of applicability of SAs in tabular format click below:
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