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MP VAT new Announcement

October 10, 2009 5 comments

M.P. finance minister has announced that now vat-tax audit report will have to be submitted by 31st March instead of 31st Oct (as stated earlier).

He also propsed to provide for technical assistance in relation to filing form to the assessees.Largescale seminars will be cunducted state-wide for this purpose.

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MP VAT Quarterly Return (Form 10) Revised

October 6, 2009 25 comments

MP Commercial Tax Department has revised the format for VAT Quarterly Return. Some of important changes are:

  • List of purchases(Bill wise) is to be submitted along with return.
  • Registration numbers of reg. with other depts. (PAN etc.) are to mentioned.
  • Name of the commodity/ HSN Code is now to be mentioned in the return.
  • Detailed calculation of reversal is to be shown.
  • Aeging classification of ITR
  • Utilization details of statutory forms(C-form, F-form etc.)
  • Other changes

Amended points have been highlighted with red colour.

New Form 10 can be downloaded by clicking the following link

Revised Return Form of Vat Form No. 10

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